Your Email Might Be Showing Up In Google Searches



Since the launch of Google’s new Gmail “Inbox” feature, users now able to access Gmail accounts via a Google search.

For some Internet savvy, this phenomena might not surprising, as Google is continuously experimenting and improving its services these days. Here are some keywords resulted in Gmail showing up in search results:

  • my inbox
  • gmail inbox
  • get inbox
  • show inbox
  • inbox from gmail
  • inbox by gmail

The report says the feature delivers all types of Gmail content, including Promotions, Social and Updates within search results, for both mobile and Google Now, but only works with frequently used accounts.

However, this doesn’t seem to be available for everyone yet. We tested this on three of oury Gmail accounts and the update worked on two frequently used accounts, but didn’t work on the account that we use less. Here’s an example of Gmail messages showing up in the search results: