YouTube Director: YouTube’s Official App for Video Creators



In case you are not aware of, video content is huge right now.

“How huge?” you might ask. Take a look at these two graphs  which show the rise in video consumption on Facebook and Snapchat, respectively.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects most of Facebook to be video by 2019. Video is the fastest growing online advertising category. Videos generate the best reach and response levels on social media platforms.

Given advances in technology, particularly in regards to network capacity, enabling us to consume video whenever and wherever we like, video has become the medium of choice for a great many people, and will likely remain in that position till we advance to the next level (in virtual reality).

But while there are now a heap of video creation options available, actually creating compelling video content isn’t easy. YouTube knows this, and today, the Google-owned video platform has released a new tool to make creating branded video content a little easier.

Providing Direction

Called ‘YouTube Director’, the new app acts as a guide to take you through the video creation process, providing templates and step-by-step instructions on how to make an engaging branded video.


The app breaks down each video element to the second, using best-practice principles to keep your content on track, including simplified use of techniques like voice-over and graphic overlays.


And, obviously, the ideal end-goal for YouTube is that you use your new video as an advertising option, promoting it across their network.


In addition to this, YouTube is also offering a new, free video creation service where a filmmaker will come to your business and help you in select U.S. Cities. Well, it’s kind of free.