Is Your Website Accessibility Compliant?


The extended December 31 2014 deadline for Australian website accessibility compliance is fast approaching (WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard). This is a mandatory requirement on all websites owned and/or operated by the Australian government departments and agencies under any domain. This includes external (public-facing or private) and internal (closed community) sites. Therefore, conformance is required for … Continue reading “Is Your Website Accessibility Compliant?”

Ten Essential Tips to Build A Better Website



A website is the spearhead of your company’s online marketing strategy. It provides the first impression of your company to your customers and prospects. However, crafting a good website is somewhat easy once you know several fundamental principles. By making a few simple adjustments, you can make a wonderful website that attracts visitors, converts prospects into … Continue reading “Ten Essential Tips to Build A Better Website”

Enough Is Enough! Five SEO Myths Every Marketer Should Avoid for Good


To say that SEO has changed a lot especially these past few years is an absurd understatement. SEO, as any marketer know by now, is a continuously evolving and developing animal, not much different from any carbon-based creature in its ability to adapt to the changes in its environment. As search engine giants continue to … Continue reading “Enough Is Enough! Five SEO Myths Every Marketer Should Avoid for Good”

Using LinkedIn as a Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website


LinkedIn is  often overlooked by people when talking about generating traffic from social media.  Traffic-generated social media are dominated by Facebook, Twitter or Google +. In many forums, LinkedIn doesn’t even get a look in. Even if you scroll down through the main Social Media folders, you could hardly find LinkedIn.  There appears to be … Continue reading “Using LinkedIn as a Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website”