We Have Moved!


TWMG is pleased to inform you that our company has been relocated to a new building as follows. The main telephone remain unchanged.
Our new building is located at:
7 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay NSW 2060
Office: 02 9889 2833
Phone: 1300 008 964
We look forward to your continued support. We will strive for providing the excellent service in appreciation … Continue reading “We Have Moved!”

Google’s “Shop The Look” Is The Future Of Window Shopping


Google is already known as a handy and reliable tool to find ideas for your next great outfit. Now, it’s looking to make it easier to shop for finds with an interesting new feature.
The company describes its new Shop the Look experience as follows: When you search for an outfit with query like ‘cocktail attire’, … Continue reading “Google’s “Shop The Look” Is The Future Of Window Shopping”

Apple Has Put Different Hue on Smart Home Remote


It has been five years since Apple’s Siri invention. However, for anyone who owns a smart home, it’s time to give voice assistants the ­silent treatment.
While Siri amused us for a time with its versatility, it has been overtaken by smarter virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Now. These next-generation assistants are smarter, faster and more … Continue reading “Apple Has Put Different Hue on Smart Home Remote”