How To Stand Out In A Competitive PPC Market


In today’s online marketing era, y?u’ll ?lw??? b? ?n ??m??t?t??n w?th ??m?l?r bu??n????? wh? t?rg?t th? ??m? ?ud??n??.
To be unique, your bu??n??? needs to have ? ?r?du?t ?r ??rv??? th?t’? trul? un?qu? ?r ??tr?m?l? n??h? ?n n?tur?. However, in th? w?rld ?f ???-??r-?l??k ?dv?rt???ng (???) v?? G??gl?, th?? m??n? ??u’ll ?l?? b? ?n ??m??t?t??n f?r th? ??m? k??w?rd? … Continue reading “How To Stand Out In A Competitive PPC Market”

How Effective Paid Online Advertising is in 2015? (Infographic)


Here is a rather shocking news for any premium online advertisers out there: 79 percent of users almost never click online ads and 38 percent of users don’t pay attention to internet advertisement.
Personalised and behavior-based ads are not perceived favorably, 71 percent find them intrusive or annoying. However, 55 percent say a relevant message is … Continue reading “How Effective Paid Online Advertising is in 2015? (Infographic)”

Most Expensive Keyword Categories at Google


Search marketing software provider WordStream has released data showing the top 20 high-volume keyword categories with the highest costs-per-click at Google. According to WordStream, the top five keyword categories are Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney and Credit (see the infographic below for more). Advertising accounts for approximately 97% of Google’s revenue. The keyword categories with the … Continue reading “Most Expensive Keyword Categories at Google”