A Collection of Motivational Quotes for Designer’s Inspiration


Motivation and inspiration. They are the two most important things for any graphic designers. No matter how tough the graphic designers are, sometimes they need a little motivation and inspiration, which may come handy. Today, The Website Marketing Group a nice collection of sixty quotes from designers, artists and other people with their views on … Continue reading “A Collection of Motivational Quotes for Designer’s Inspiration”

Don’t Kill the Infographic – Design Killer Ones Like These


Only about a year ago, infographics were the darlings of the Web – favored by marketers, designers and content consumers alike. Today, however, you will see quite a bit of blogging and commenting from people calling for a virtual cease-fire: “Please, no more infographics!” So, what happened? Like most anything else Internet users place on … Continue reading “Don’t Kill the Infographic – Design Killer Ones Like These”

Flip Video: Facebook Profile Video


Here’s a cool Facebook campaign from Flip Video Singapore. They’ve just launched this Flip Your Profile app on Facebook which allows users to upload a profile video. With this app Flip Video have fused an engaging video platform into the world’s largest social network site. This app has huge amounts of potential and has been well designed in terms of ease … Continue reading “Flip Video: Facebook Profile Video”