20 Tips To Make Your Website Homepage Content Awesome (Infographic)



Crafting a good website homepage content is no longer an easy thing to do. In fact, it is one of the most difficult (and important) decisions every digital marketer must take.

Everyone seems to want to know the exact formula for getting it right. But no such formula exists. So the process of getting homepage content published often paralyzes marketers big and small, experienced and novice.

When people ask “What should I put on my homepage?”, most of the answers will be:

  1. Content that best positions your company as the solution to a specific problem
  2. Content prospective buyers are looking for
  3. Both of the above

Clearly, the number 3 is the best answer. If your website’s homepage is doing its job effectively it guides visitors one step deeper into your website. Better yet, it guides the right visitors to the next page, or the content they seek.

See, your homepage, your content, and your marketing in general, shouldn’t aim to engage everyone. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, it should deflect the wrong people. Your conversion depends on engaging the right people, right?

In today’s infographic, we will share 20 ideas to boost your website homepage content. Take a look at it.


Infographic credit: Feldman Creative and Visme