5 Handy Tips to Improve Your Content’s Quality in 2016



How do you keep writing good content in 2016?

Every digital marketer knows the need for high quality content. It’s not just about being agile in content delivery or being at their feet when it comes to publishing. Quality content is all about being able to achieve savvy marketing campaigns without sacrificing content.

In this day and age when competition seems to be running very close, it is important that you are able to give your customers what they want. You must be able to engage them and keep them reading up to the point of building an intimate circle between you and your target readers. Using these seven ways to improve your content, not only to enhance its delivery but to also strengthen network returns in the long run.

1. Stick to your budget


Good content does not come cheap. Whether you are investing your own time in creating the right content or you are outsourcing, one thing remains the same – it’ll cost you money and time. Throwing cash into content that is not being read will deem itself useless. Take a hard look at the analytics before you decide where you want to put your money. Assuming that Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social media platforms and investing all your good content there does not make sense at all. Before decide and stick to the budget.

2. Make your own guidelines

The content that you write is a direct reflection of the business that you do; thus it is highly important that you make a good reflection of yourself for the success of your business. Make your own guidelines as to what you want your content to target and achieve. You have got to have identified expectations, so you know the feel, the look as well as the tone of the content that needs to be created.

Strong content will give your customers a clear grasp of what your business is all about and what it stands for. The guidelines will also help you be on track when it comes to content writing and idea generation.

3. Decide your goal


If you don’t know what you want to achieve with your content marketing, then you will never be able to achieve it. Goal-setting is the key to your content success. After you have narrowed down your topics and focus of each content form, then it is time to set the goals for each. You cannot produce the same content with the same topics in different words. That’s not going to achieve what you want for your business. Instead, look carefully into varying perspective so you can deliver your idea of your business as a whole.

Also, know when you want to have content released, may it be weekly, monthly, quarterly or perhaps even daily. You need to have topics properly planned out. Have room for improvement of topics based on the demands of your target public.

4. Start scheduling


Your main goal is to be consistent. You should give your readers the feeling for contentment and security by providing them with consistently well-written content. Make a schedule of the content that you want to release and be sure to stick to it. You cannot be the come and go type because that is how your business will be. The schedule of the written content can vary from one platform to another. You may choose to post content on your blog once a week and post content on your Instagram page every day. This is okay.

5. Try different forms

Not all content is written in the form of a blog or a newsletter. Sometimes, it helps if you explore the combination of content and visuals. An infographic or a photo with captions can truly help bring variety to the content that you produce. If you can produce more infographics or pins, then they can easily be repined or reposted and you won’t have to worry about not being read. Keep in mind that you have to produce these with high quality images all the time.

The best thing about creating content is that your goal will help you decide which path to take and which form to explore. Be creative and inspirational at all times.