Choosing A Good Quality and Reliable SEO Agency (Infographic)



Do you want to hire an SEO agency for your company? You might want to pay attention on several things before.

Choosing a good and reliable SEO agency is a matter of personal necessities. It’s all about what your company really need. Another thing you need to think about is the agency’s credibility and other factors as well. In today’s infographic, we will share seven important factors for you before choosing any SEO agency. Take a look at it.

how-to-choose-a-quality-seo-provider-infographicHere are some important key points:

  • Get some recommendations. Conduct a small “research”. Using your online networks can be lucrative and always a good start to start. Ask for advice on various social media.
  • When you have found some recommendations, take your time to evaluate. Before making a decision, hold on. They may have worked wonders for someone else, but your business is different and they may not be able to do the same for you.
  • Make a list of your ideal agency. Have these things in mind: experience, location, size od agency and budget.
  • Create shortlist. Even if you feel you’ve narrowed it down to a favourite already, it’s worth contacting and checking out others in more detail. This experience will allow different perspectives. Determine your shortlisted providers’ expertise by asking some specific, knowledge-based questions. You may want to include some more tailored requests for the project to see how capable your preferred agency handle the situation.
  • Ask for references. Ask possible providers who they’ve worked with in the past and then use this information to contact people in your network who may have experience with their work. Can they recommend them enough to you?
  • Check out their online presence. How well do they present themselves to you as a potential client? Look for clues online in their contributions to various blogs, social media, forums, and many more. This will help you to get a sense of how knowledgeable and skilled they are.
  • Going cheap is often most expensive. Be wary of choosing between agencies on price alone. Always be aware that cheap rarely buys quality when it comes to SEO, as it can have disastrous consequences for your business.

Infographic credit: SEO Sherpa