Creative Marketing: Kellogg’s “Amazing Creations” Campaign



Kellogg’s is looking to regain its position as the go-to breakfast item with a brand new campaign which has paired the brand with YouTube influencer, Zach King.

This campaign aims to showcase new and creative ways to start the day with cereal and sees King making a cereal-based breakfast from things around him using the visual illusion tricks he is known for on YouTube.

“Many Australians have grown up with cereal as their main breakfast choice, but with so many other breakfast options now available some consumers have forgotten how nutritious, delicious and creative cereal can be. The Amazing Creations campaign is all about reminding people what a great start cereal provides, particularly when combined with other ingredients. The work represents a continuation of the strategy we adopted last year – taking a new approach to the execution. We’re looking forward to continuing to engage with consumers in a new way”, said Tamara Howe, Kellogg’s Australia marketing director.

The campaign comprises a range of different online videos, supported by social, PR activity and in-store collateral.