Customer Loyalty Is Still Important For Digital Age



Recent study has been conducted across shopping affinity analysis. It found that retail brand loyalty is apparently alive and well in the hearts of Australia’s consumers this holiday season.

The study has revealed that although Black Friday holiday shoppers visited multiple stores, these shoppers visited the same retail locations they normally do. While the study focused on offline shopping behaviors of consumers, the message is clear enough: loyalty is not dead and well and merchants (be they online or off) should focus on developing experiences that built confidence, trust and loyalty – perhaps some referral marketing tactics.

As the competition for holiday shoppers heats up, one thing is very clear, holiday shoppers are religiously visiting their favorite stores. This seems to indicate that the retail experience matters and that brand loyalty trumps ‘door buster’ deals from competitors trying to gain market share. As consumers, our mobile devices are always on, always connected, and always with us. These mobile digital breadcrumbs are powerful signals of interest and intent that if analysed can reveal powerful insights for retailers in understanding the heart of their holiday consumer and their shopping journey.