Digital Advertising: How to Engage Australian Consumers


As digital marketing budgets increase, consumers continue to show resistance to digital advertising. Australians are embracing the digital marketplace, increasingly using their smartphones for online shopping and preferring the internet over all other forms of media. In response, marketers are allocating more of their budget to digital advertising, with over 50% of ad spend invested into digital channels in 2018. We now have the highest digital ad spend per user in the world!

The issue? Australian consumers are become increasingly disillusioned with digital advertising. 81% of Australians now use ad blocking software, and Australia has the lowest click-through rate on banner ads worldwide. So how can we increase Australian consumer engagement in digital advertising?

The answer is targeted digital campaigns. Recent data shows that 82% of Australians are open to advertising if it is tailored to their interests and needs. At TWMG, we specialise in the creation of targeted digital campaigns and strategies that engage customers, create leads and conversions, and deliver personalised digital experiences.

Learn more about digital advertising trends and consumer engagement in this great infographic:

Infographic Credit: Signal

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