Domino’s Pizza DRU: The Autonomous Pizza Delivery



After its revolutionary DomiCopter, now Domino’s Pizza is experimenting with the new delivery system.

The new Domino’s DRU was introduced last week. Basically, it’s an autonomous pizza delivery vehicle that was seemingly lauded with fanfare form a global PR blitz, grabbing the headlines around the ever hot “delivery” technology playing field.

Domino’s approach is much like Google: They have a four-wheel autonomous vehicle, but that’s about where the similarities end. DRU travels on the road, along with foot-paths and even off-road too. It is infinitely multiplying the complexity of the autonomy of the vehicle. On the other hand, it is raising questions around pedestrian safety, especially about its capability and the legality of where a vehicle like this will actually be allowed to travel.

Take a look at DRU’s promotional video below.