Facebook Has Released Auto-Enhance Photo Feature For iOS Users



It looks like Facebook is adapting Google+’s feature by automatically editing photos posted to the social network from mobile devices.

Now, when users upload a photo on Facebook using their iOS devices, it is automatically “enhanced” for clarity, lighting and shadow. They don’t need to decide between individual filters like Instagram. The update has been enabled for iOS since Tuesday and is coming to Android soon.

“We want to make it easy, and as few taps as possible to make your photo memories beautiful. Before, the auto-enhance option was available, but it was under the menu where you could also choose filters for your photos on Facebook,” said Facebook officials.

However, if you are not fond of Facebook’s edits, there’s also manual option that users can play with to toggle photo lighting. Sliding the bar all the way to the rightcan make the photo a lot brighter and more defined.

Since the popularity of Instagram’s photo filters, image-enhancement options have been adapted all over social media. Google+ started automatically enhancing photos last year, while other social platforms are adding a distinctive feature to improve user’s photo quality as well. Twitter, for example, has added photo filters way back on 2013.