Google Is Still The Most Spectacular Brand On D100 List



Google has been mentioned as the most dynamic brand by IPG Mediabrands in the network’s inaugural D100 list.

On the list Amazon was second, followed by Samsung, Nike and Intel. Google has also been named the most valuable brand in the world and is currently second in Havas Media’s most meaningful brands. IPG’s list (in partnership with Wharton University of Pennsylvania) looks at brands that are agile, responsive, innovative and sociable. More than 10,000 consumers were surveyed across the globe to see which brands are the most dynamic.

It was high time for a switch up in the way people measure brands. It’s no longer about a brand’s size or ‘brand awareness’. Today, people live in a world where the smallest brands can out-manoeuvre and outsmart the biggest companies in the world. Being big doesn’t guarantee safety like it used to, but being agile and adaptable does.

In the latest IPG’s release, the top ten most dynamic brands are:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Samsung
  4. Nike
  5. Intel
  6. NASA
  7. BMW
  8. Mercedes-Benz
  9. Audi
  10. Lenovo

IPG Mediabrands CEO, Henry Tajer, said:

“The D100, along with the data that we’ve collected to identify the world’s most dynamic brands is incredible. The dynamic score and new world brand metrics that we’ve defined enables IPG Mediabrands to help brands to become truly dynamic and evolve at the pace of consumers.”

Mat Baxter, global chief strategy officer and creative chairman added:

“This is a hugely important study because it clearly demonstrates the urgent need for brands to move away from outdated brand measures and embrace the dynamic score – something that we’ve proven is tightly correlated with the future revenue growth and momentum of companies.”