How To Make The Most Out Of Your Vine Strategy (Infographic)


this picture represents vine, the social media sharing based on 6 seconds video loops, logo

Vine has garnered its own fan base and this is definitely a good sign for marketers.

With millions of online users worldwide, business firms rely on different social media platforms where they can introduce, expose, and build their brands to a wider audience. As of 2013, 93% of 600 marketing professionals relied on video content, where 82% of them confirmed its effectiveness for their business.

These days, people are more interested in watching videos than reading text content. Aside from its efficient use, video length also matters when reaching target audiences. Unlike longer videos, shorter videos are more likely to convince viewers to watch and finish them in one sitting.

This is where Vine comes in. With 40 million users, this social media app has become an avenue for marketers to promote their brand offerings. The following infographic can give you ideas on how Vine is ideal for marketing your brands, how it’ll help you engage your target audience, and how to maximize this platform to effectively get your message across.

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Infographic credit: Slide Genius.