How To Make Your Blog Stand Out In 2015 (Infographic)



“I wasted time and now doth time waste me.”

This is one of Shakespeare lines. In fact, the quotation pretty much speaks to anyone who has ever sat down to write, especially bloggers. Time management is the biggest challenge facing today’s writers, with 22 percent saying they can’t carve out the time needed to produce content, and 20 percent saying it’s tough to plan posts ahead of schedule.

This struggle shouldn’t be surprising given that the study also found that 58 percent of companies only have one person running their blogs. For a third of bloggers, it takes two hours just to complete a single article.

However, some publishing have managed to thrive by efficiently managing their time. The marketers behind some of the most successful blogs out there not only make a concerted effort to block out the time they need, but they also know how to use that time wisely. For more tips on how to make your blog stand out among the other, take a look at the infographic below.


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Infographic credit: Salesforce