Primary Statistics for Internet and Media Businesses in Australia


In 2013 the Internet trends are consistently emerging, even across the area of personalisation and engagement. For serious business owners who want to expand their scope on the Internet or those who are working in this industry, here are a few statistics that you need to know:

Demographics: the impact of the Internet for Australia

  • 94% of Australians access the internet, 79% do so every day. [AIMIA / Sensis]
  • 60% of Australian internet users go online multiple times a day. [OMP]


  • 65% of Australian users have watched an online video streaming in the past month [ADMA]
  • Online video streaming has grown 550% in less than four years. It’s expected that there will be more than 11 billion views of video content by the end of 2011 [Frost & Sullivan]
  • More than three quarters of Australian users (77%) watch video content on their computer and just over a quarter (26%) do so via their mobile phone. [Nielsen]

Social media 

  • 38% of Australian users regularly interact with companies via social networking sites. [Nielsen]
  • Impact of social media on purchase behaviour: Actions done as a consequence of viewing online video/listening to online audio vs. reading online consumer comments. [Nielsen]
This chart explains the behaviour of Internet users in Australia when they browse the cyber world
Australia's Internet Users Behaviour Charts
  • The average small business is investing $2,050 into social media marketing on an annual basis. 27% expect this to increase over the next twelve months. [AIMIA / Sensis]
  • The average large business is investing $78,750 into social media marketing on an annual basis. 66% expect this to increase over the next twelve months. [AIMIA / Sensis
  • Types of incentives provided by businesses through social media [AIMIA / Sensis]
This chart explains about the promotions that offered by business owners via Internet
Type of Promotional Offers Charts



  • The most likely Australian age group to shop online are those aged between 35-44 years old (73% of total online consumers) [ACMA]
  • Travel goods, tickets and accommodation are the most popular items purchased online, followed by clothes, shoes and personal items. [ACMA]
  • 36% of Australians made a purchase after researching products via social media. [AIMIA / Sensis]
  • The reasons behind consumers shopping online have changed during the last 18 months: there has been a decline in convenience and an increase in looking to save money. [ACMA]
This chart explains the percentage between the three reasons why people choose online shopping
The Reasons Behind Online Shopping Chart


Search engine marketing 

  • Search is the biggest online activity, with 89.9% of Australian users doing this on a regular basis. Social networking came a close second. (81.6%) [comScore]
  • Australian users make more than four searches, per search visit [comScore]
  • Australia leads the APAC region for mobile search, with more than 61% of mobile users doing this activity. The next closest country is Taiwan (29%). [iProspect]
  • After making local searches via their devices, nearly half (49%) of Australian smartphone users called a business. [OMP]

Email marketing 

  • Email is by far and away the method most preferred for (personal) online communication [Nielsen]
This chart explains the percentage of communication media that people have been used in the Internet
The Media of Communication in The Internet Chart
  • 62% of web users in Australia use email on a regular basis. [comScore]
  • 68% of Australian smartphone users have read email on their devices. [OMP]
  • 72% of Australian users unsubscribe from emails because the content is irrelevant. [Epsilon]


  • 26% of Australian smartphone users have made a purchase on their devices. [OMP]
  • 75% of Australians using GPS devices are open to viewing targeted deals when visiting bricks and mortar outlets. [Galaxy Research]
  • 83% of 18-34 year old Australians find geo-targeted content via mobile when shopping an appealing prospect. [Galaxy Research]

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