Snapchat Facts and Figures: 400 Million Photo Have Been Sent Per Day With 70% Of Its Users Are Female


An auto deletion photo sharing app, Snapchat, now sends 400 million photos and videos per day on behalf of its users. This number doubled the volume of photos which sent from June when around 200 million photos and videos were sent each day.

Earlier in the month, Facebook make an offer of US$3 billion to acquire Snapchat, which was ultimately rejected. In contrast, Facebook users uploaded around 350 million photos per day (not including video), and also 55 million photos uploaded to Instagram per day (again, not including video).

However, since Facebook and Instagram’s photos do not get deleted, these are ‘worth’ more in terms of social media value. Regardless, Snapchat just keeps growing and growing, and they have a large value themselves.

On Wednesday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel stated to a group of investors that 70% of Snapchat’s users are female.