Snapchat Is Still More Popular Than Facebook Among College Students



Facebook is still struggling hard on finding the best app to compete with Snapchat.

Recent study revealed that most teenagers are more engaged with Snapchat than Facebook. The same study found out that while 70% of college students report posting on Snapchat at least once a day, only 11% report posting on Facebook with the same frequency:

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The college students reported Snapchat as their most frequently used app, with 70% of students reporting they use the app one or more times a day. Twitter also had high engagement with the students — 46% reported posting on Twitter at least once a day. However, when it came to Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, just over 10% reported posting on those networks with the same frequency.

On the privacy side, the students also considered Snapchat to be the social network that afforded the most of their privacy, while Facebook was overwhelmingly considered the least private network. Still, this doesn’t seem to impede the users from Facebook. If they had to pick only one social network to be part of, it would still be Facebook:

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On the other hand, Facebook’s Slingshot, a perplexing version of Snapchat, is not doing well with college students. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the students polled use Facebook, only 2% said they had downloaded Slingshot.

As far as what’s in store for these apps, 76% of those polled said they would use a group messaging feature, despite 46% saying they had never used the app’s text messaging feature. The remaining 45% said they would use discovery features that would help connect them with new people and content.

Snapchat has been experimenting with new features targeted towards brands and events. The company introduced branded filters earlier this year before rolling out Snapchat Stories, a group sharing feature for live events.