The New, Updated Look of Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has revamped its email interface to resemble its Homepage

Since the assignation of Marissa Mayer as a CEO in 2012, the company has focused its attention to a “comprehensive mobile support”. It can be seen on the series of mobile-focused startups and redesigning its own mobile offerings.

Recently, Yahoo Mail is getting this “mobile-friendly” makeover. The service now features content from Yahoo’s news, finance and sports and weather sections.  Unlike Gmail, Yahoo hasn’t altered any of the mail app’s core features with the update. In fact, the email itself looks pretty much the same, with the new additions of news, weather, sports and finance.


When launching the updated email app, a new menu bar appears at the bottom with “News” and “Today” tabs. News takes you to a stream of news stories that suited to your interests, while Today provides weather, sports and stock market updates. The app’s content personalisation is quite similar to Yahoo’s homepage. However, in order to keep its “freedom of choice” promised earlier, this new experience is optional. Users can simply opt out if they don’t want to see the News and Today tabs.

As of now, the updated app will only available for iPhone users, but Yahoo hinted that tablet and Android versions may be in the works.