The Next Rembrandt: A Creative Collaboration Between Tech and Art



Rembrandt might have been died in 1669 but a new piece of work created with computer data will bring him back to life.

Launched at Netherlands, ‘The Next Rembrandt‘ is the result of an 18-month project undertaken by a group of art historians, developers, scientists, engineers and data geeks to re-create his style of painting, so that almost any piece of art could now be created in the Rembrandt style to allow his legacy to live on.

Created by JWT, the portrait is of a 17th century man that looks exactly like Rembrandt’s work. It consists of over 148 million pixels and is based on more than 160,000 fragments from the artists’s works. The artwork is printed with 13 layers of paint-based UV ink. Take a look at the video below: