The Reasons Why People Uninstall Their Apps (Infographic)


Getting new customers to download your app is only one part of making your app a globe conquering success. The really big apps specialise in longevity. If you want your app to become a global brand, it’s all about staying power.

That’s why doing your research into the reasons people get rid of apps is key to a deeper understanding of the motivation behind pressing the delete button. It’s a busy market place out there and it’s the fine margins that make all the difference. So, it really pays to know your stuff. Luckily for you, the detailed infographic featured below will show you the necessary information about the main reasons why people uninstall their apps. Whether you’re having a gaming, business or education app, there are very clear notions why apps rarely last longer than a few months. Avoid making these mistakes and you could transform your app from minor success into a textbook global business case study in no time.

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