The Secret Ingredients to Make People Flock Your Brand in Social Media



Too many brands are creating content with the sole aim of converting people, not educating or entertaining people. If a brand is aiming to have its piece of content shared across social media, it needs to be educational or entertaining.

Do you struggle to find a way on how to build a brand on social media, specifically on Facebook and YouTube? You need to know the importance of mobile medium then! If you have the chance to create content that looks beautiful on TV, looks beautiful on the big screen or beautiful on mobile, go with mobile every single time. Desktop is the way of the past when it comes to social media.

You might want to start the online series on your personalised YouTube channel and slowly expanded to various other social media channels. Specify your target audience to maximise content. Always remember to vary your content type, as when expanding to other social platforms, most of the time, putting the same content on each didn’t result in audience growth.

Below are some quick tips for building an audience on Facebook and Youtube, plus an additional tip on how to handle negative comment and promote shareable content.

1. Quick Tips for YouTube

Videos should be between five and 10 minutes long. Unless the piece of content is amazing and really engaging, most people won’t stick around for longer than 10 minutes. Recently, YouTube’s algorithm has changed, where it now looks at how long people watch the content for, not how many views it has. If a video is attracting long viewings, it gets pushed to the top of the list, she said.

Also, don’t forget to make the video in horizontal. People often mistake YouTube for a social media platform, when it’s actually a search engine. Audiences can search for content on YouTube, so you need to make your content as SEO friendly as possible.

The audience for YouTube videos are time rich, engaged, accustomed to advertising (they’re used to pre-rolls for example) and vocal, meaning they often leave honest feedback.

2. Quick Tips for Facebook

The most fundamental tip is to cut the Facebook video to a square. When more viewers are watching on mobile, a square video takes up most of the screen on mobiles, meaning there is less chance for the viewer to become distracted by external factors. Make sure the video is no longer than a minute. As people are scrolling through Facebook, a minute video can feel like a long time to watch.

The audience for Facebook is generally time poor, as most of them are looking for snackable content. They’re likely to share things, are very vocal – not always in a good way – and eager to click.

3. Negative Comments and Sharable Content

If someone has a legitimate complaint about a brand, don’t ignore it. However, hurtful and hateful comments need to be deleted before they affect genuine fans.

On the other hand, when it comes to sharable content, there’s no harm in resharing content that went well once before. While there isn’t on formula for virality, content doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. Where one person might see something one day, someone new might see it the next. If you’ve got a great piece of content that’s getting traction or that’s timely (such as around Christmas and New Year’s Eve), don’t hold back to share the old (but still relevant) content again.