The True Power of Pinterest for Marketing (Infographic)


Pinterest is now in a mission to become the most valuable platform for eCommerce.

In order to do this, the online pinboard social media company has been introducing a steady flow of new features, including native video, image-defined search and a raft of new ad options and improvements. However, despite stats showing that Pinterest users come to the platform with the highest purchase intent of any social media users, the platform’s still not given as much precedence in the eyes of marketers as the bigger platforms.

So, should your business be spending more time on Pinterest? As always, it comes down to your individual audience and offerings, but the data does show that it’s worth considering, particularly for B2C brands. To help provide some additional perspective on this, we have put together this new infographic on Pinterest marketing, including a range of audience stats and demographics, along with some platform specific details on best times to post and when to capitalize on seasonal events. Take a look at the infographic below for the full details.


Infographic credit: Webpage FX