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Inspirational Team Thoughts

Today is my day.

Today my thoughts are centered on expecting only the best and giving only the best.

Today my mind and heart is open to new opportunities and I make the most of every situation.

Today I will smile and act enthusiastically in  everything I do.I will make every person I meet feel very important and I will show them I care.

Today I will develop strong,healthy relationship with those around me and I will only look for the good in those people. I like people and people like me.

Today my confidence is high and I am willing to step out and take a chance.

I speak freely to all those I meet.

I know I have something valuable to contribute.

I expect results today and my time is well invested.

Today I am one step closer to achieving my goalsand dreams.I always keep my eyes focused on success and achievement.

Today I will sow good seed and reap my harvest of reward.

Small minds discuss persons. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.

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