Three Useful Tips For Successful Instagram Marketing


Instagram has gained a huge popularity among startups as the most effective visual media to raise their brand awareness. However, many beginners are confused on how to maximise Instagram as a part of their marketing strategy. Today, The Website Marketing Group team will share three useful tips for online marketers that want to improve their performance on Instagram, just like some of the top Fortune 500 companies.

1. Instagram Videos are Effective

Although this feature has just released only a few months ago, videos are only slightly less effective when being compared to photos in the terms of interactions they received, which can account for how new they are. On average, a video on Instagram can get up to twenty-four interactions in the form of comments and likes. Moreover, videos on Instagram provide these two advantages:

1. Because of the slow adoption rate from the Fortune 500, other brands can lead the way by providing a different variety with photos and videos.

2. At fifteen seconds long and the capability to upload videos that weren’t taken with the app, marketers have the ability to enhance their videos more. However, you can take it a step further by adding more videos to your account can give you an advantage with your followers.

2. Use Multiple Hashtags

It’s often considered a social media waste to use more than two hashtags in a tweet. However, on Instagram, this rule is not applicable. The data proves otherwise for bigger brands, showing that four to 11 hashtags can increase up to on average 77 interactions per Instagram post. Try to integrate the hashtags seamlessly into your post caption,  as opposed to jumbling them all at the bottom.

3. Indefinite Posting Schedule

Even though most social media sites have an optimal time to post, Instagram users are on the platform interacting at all hours of the day and every day of the week, especially since users are actively on Instagram through their mobile devices. For example: almost all of Fortune 500 companies are posting during business hours. However, the interaction levels don’t point out a clear winner for the optimal time to post. People are rarely away from their phones, so posting at different times of the day ensures advantageous mobile strategies for different audience segments.

Because there is no definite time to post like on other social media outlets, marketers can use this to their advantage to find what is right within their audience.