Why YouTube Matters To Marketing? (Infographic)


While video is on the rise across basically all the major social platforms, YouTube remains the leader in online video.

While Facebook and YouTube are racing for more influence, both of them serve largely alternate purposes. Facebook’s currently aligned to more casual video viewing, where YouTube is a more dedicated consumption experience.

That said, while you look to add video content into your marketing mix, it’s important to also keep YouTube in mind. The platform has an established monetization model and added SEO potential due to its Google connection. YouTube also has live-streaming options and social tools, which its expanding as it works to keep in line with evolving consumer trends – while they also recently added the ability to target users based on their Google search behavior, another key benefit.

To provide more context on the potential of YouTube for your marketing efforts, take a look at the following infographic, which outlines some key statistics around the platform’s growth, ad options and tips on how to maximize your brand’s YouTube presence. Take a look at it.


Infographic credit: WebpageFX

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