YouTube Kids is Launched in Australia



Australian parents who are worried whether their kids are stumbling across inappropriate content on YouTube or just watching entirely too many ‘unworthy’ videos, now have a good solution in their hands.

The new YouTube Kids app has been launched in Australia for iOS and Android devices. Broadcasting content that has been pre-screened and deemed age-appropriate for lovely little ones, the app is now available for free download from Google Play or App Store.

Starting off in the US in February, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times globally. All content on the app is grouped into four categories, “Shows,” “Music,” “Learning,” and “Explore,” and franchise material is mixed with kid-friendly videos made by YouTube’s own content creators.

Australia has its own top-notch material for kids, and fortunately, YouTube Kids will let you support it. From ABC Kids, it has Play School, Jemima’s Big Adventure, and Giggle and Hoot. In addition, it will host clips from the astronomically popular Australian sisters, Charli and Ashlee, of the Charli’s Crafty Kitchen YouTube cooking channel, as well as Bounce Patrol and Hi-5 TV. The platform will include ads. However, these ads are meant to be family-friendly and will not include click-through links.

While YouTube Kids has plenty of parental controls built-in so the adults can decide exactly what their children watch, the app has also been designed for toddlers in mind. Featuring large icons and voice search, your four-year-old should find it easy to navigate, while probably they are already better at using the Internet than you. The app even comes with a timer that can automatically limit a kid’s screen time.