30 Sales Training Video Channels You Should Subscribe On YouTube



Clearly, if your team needs sales training, there’s a lot of options out there. However, before your company forks over any more of your hard-earned revenue on sales training, you should check out the hours of free training on YouTube first.

Whether you and your team need some bite-sized instruction, a full course correction or just a bit of motivation, there’s a wide variety of YouTube sales training channels that can help you.

The following channels are run by well-established sales experts — they’re bestselling authors and well-known speakers in the industry. YouTube isn’t their only outlet, but it’s one this group has smartly leveraged as the site has grown to reach more than one billion users.

1) Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of 13 sales books and a National Speakers Association Hall of Fame member. You might know him from The Little Red Book of Selling, the best-selling sales book of all time (and one of our picks for 10 must-read sales books for rookie reps). With his books translated into 14 languages, he is literally known the world over for his simple, insightful, and direct sales advice. After watching a few of his videos, it would be suggested if you 2re-read one of his books.

2) Jill Konrath

An award-winning author and highly sought-after keynote speaker, Konrath provides practical and modern strategies in her videos to help sales teams generate and close more leads. She is an expert at advanced prospecting strategies including positioning value to prospects through messaging and a big advocate of the mantra “Always Be Learning.”

3) Influence at Work

Robert Cialdini, Ph.D., is the founder of Influence at Work. He’s dedicated the majority of his career to researching the psychology of influence. His book “Influence: The Science of Persuasion” is phenomenal. Check his channel out.

4) Art Sobzcak

Sobzcak is known for his hands-on, practical advice for telephone and inside sales professionals. He pioneered the concept of “Smart Calling,” an approach to proactive prospecting that starts with researching prospects in order to break through the barrage of cold calls buyers now tune out. He published a best-selling book of the same name.

5) Brian Tracy

Tracy’s company, Brian Tracy International, offers training on a variety of subjects. They provide sales training as well as other topics applicable to advancing your sales career, such as personal development, time management and leadership training. Over the last 30 years, Tracy has consulted more than 1,000 companies, and has spoken to more than 5 million people at over 5,000 talks in more than 70 countries. At 72, he’s not slowing down, addressing more than 250,000 people at keynotes per year.

6) Dave Kurlan

Dave Kurlan, world-renowned expert on sales hiring, sales development, and sales management (and a personal mentor of mine), is the bestselling author of “Baseline Selling,” as well as owner of training firm Kurlan & Associates and salesperson assessment firm Objective Management Group (OMG). OMG’s assessments are used by hundreds of sales training organization around the world to assess salespeople, giving Kurlan access to more data about more salespeople than anyone else. Despite Kurlan’s access to a ridiculous amount of data and insights, he manages to keep his YouTube videos for salespeople simple and actionable. He and his associates from Kurlan & Associates discuss sales and management tactics on YouTube.

7) Mike Weinberg

Weinberg’s “New Sales: Simplified” is highly recommended. If you’re wondering why your new sales aren’t soaring, watch Weinberg talk about the importance of having the right sales DNA.

8) Gerhard Gschwandtner

As CEO of Selling Power Magazine, Gschwandtner is no stranger to telling great sales stories. On his channel, he interviews the world’s sales experts, including many of the ones that have been listed above. Listen to his interview with Cialdini, titled “How to Persuade without Pressure.”

9) Mark Hunter

Mark Hunter, also known as The Sales Hunter, is the author of “High Profit Selling” and an in-demand speaker and workshop facilitator. As an 18-year sales veteran of multiple Fortune 500 companies before starting his consultancy, he knows what he’s talking about. In most of his videos, Hunter offers tips on how best to improve your close rate by fine-tuning your negotiation skills.

10) Jim Pancero

For over 40 years, Jim Pancero has been delivering sales training, keynotes, and consulting. He’s a feet-on-the-street sales consultant who has helped over 600 sales teams across 80 different industries. An expert in both sales, sales management, and proactive customer service, Pancero focuses exclusively on B2B selling where products are relatively high-priced and complicated to sell.

11) Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon is the author of “The Big Book of Sales,” a 151-page collection of sales advice from Gordon and a community of sales professionals. Gordon’s website (chock-full of advice) and his videos are all free — they act as a magnet to attract coaching clients. Seems like Gordon is not just a sales expert, but an inbound marketing expert too.

12) Will Barron

Will Barron is as much a blogger and podcaster as he is a salesperson. His Salesman.Red blog and podcast reaches more than a half a million people each week. More than any other, he seems to be connecting with millennial salespeople — not just because he’s speaking to them on their medium of choice, but because young hustlers love his tone and in-your-face, somewhat irreverent style. He has frequent guests on his video podcast who are sales heavyweights, and intermixes them with short, informative video rants where he’s the star. He also shares sales lessons from famous people like David Bowie and Barack Obama and creates videos featuring them and their advice.

13) Marc Wayshak

Wayshak sold his first business at 23, the one he started to put himself through college. Wayshak’s videos are filled with simplicity. He’s one of the few tried-and-true sales experts who has also mastered the craft of producing high-quality videos for YouTube.

14) Sales for Life

Helmed by Jamie Shanks, one of the world’s leading experts on social selling, Sales for Life provides training, a community and coaching for social selling. Featuring Shanks’ partner, Amar Sheth, Sales for Life’s Social Selling in 60 Seconds videos are a quick and easy way for you to learn why you should integrate social into your sales process.

15) Jennifer Gluckow

Just as the title of Jennifer Gluckow’s channel — Sales in a New York Minute — suggests, her videos teach you successful strategies that will have you closing sales in less than a minute. As a local, face-to-face salesperson herself, her videos effectively cover the importance of networking, prospecting and in-person selling.

16) Annette Lackovic

Annette Lackovic, also known as Netty ‘D, puts a very fun spin on her sales videos and aims to encourage female entrepreneurship. Watch Lackovic’s intro video to get a full appreciation for how rapping can make sales training more fun.

17) Vanessa Van Edwards

As a body language and behavior expert, Vanessa is more of a researcher than a salesperson herself. In a way, she’s a younger, female version of Robert Cialdini. Backed by years of research and study, her videos and workshops can help you sell yourself, your business and your product — whether you’re trying to land a date or close a deal.

18) Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

SBI is a “management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping you Make Your Number.” Focused on helping larger companies improve their sales results, SBI’s YouTube channel covers sales strategy at a leadership, and management level as opposed to most other channels that emphasize helping individual reps.

19) Sandler Training

With franchise-owned training centers around the world, Sandler Training is a leader in sales, management, and corporate training, as well as business consulting and coaching. First created by David Sandler in 1967, The Sandler Selling System, was one of the first consultative selling systems that’s still very applicable today. Now led by Dave Mattson, Sandler has grown to be one of the largest and probably the most recognized sales training company in the world. Today, their training has expanded beyond sales training to include courses on enterprise selling, sales leadership, and customer service to name a few.

20) MHI Global

MHI Global is made up of a powerhouse ensemble of sales training companies including Huthwaite, Achieve Global, Impact Learning Systems, Channel Enablers, CSO Insights, and heavyweight Miller Heiman. The combined company is the largest sales services company in the world and Miller Heiman has been a leader in sales performance and insight for over 35 years.

21) Richardson

Founded by sales and sales coaching expert and 10-time author Linda Richardson, the Richardson Group is a 130-person strong global sales training and development organization. Like Sandler, they have developed their own selling methodologies, but focus on building a customized sales training strategy and performance improvement plan for each client. In many of their videos, the Richardson Group provides a sneak peek into their training services with actionable sales tips.

22) Sales Scripter

Sales Scripter helps sales teams create consultative sales processes through materials such as question sheets, email and voicemail templates. Their channel previews the sales process creation process embedded into their software.

23) LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Linkedin’s Sales Solutions channel features videos explaining how to use Sales Navigator, testimonials from customers, as well as instructional social selling videos from social selling experts, Joanne Black and Neal Schaffer.

24) McDaniel Real Estate Systems

McDaniel Real Estate Systems is a live video podcast featuring two real estate practitioners, Greg McDaniel and Matt Johnson. They cover real estate sales best practices including marketing, lead generation, prospecting, securing listings and farming neighborhoods. From watching a bunch of their videos, it’s clear that McDaniel helps real estate professionals project confidence in their words and actions.

25) Steve Richards

Automotive sales easily gets one of the worst reputations in sales. Steve Richards provides car sales tips and shows auto salespeople how to overcome their biggest challenges. While his tactics are a bit too slick, his approaches are solid.

26) Sean T. Bradley

Another channel aimed at automotive salespeople is Sean T. Bradley TV. Bradley’s channel has a bit higher production value than Richard’s.

27) Cesar L. Rodriguez

As a speaker, sales trainer, and success coach, Rodriguez focuses exclusively on direct sales and network marketing programs. He’s an executive director of LegalShield, an MLM opportunity that provides human resources to small businesses. He has thousands of people in his organization, but spends most of his time training and coaching now.

28) Matt Morris

If you’re in sales or a business owner yourself, Matt Morris of The Unemployed Millionaire should be your idol.  The author of eight bestselling books, Morris achieved millionaire status at 29 years old after being in debt just a few years earlier. He’s built massive multi-level sales teams for multiple direct selling organizations, as well as one of the largest personal development organizations in the world. He’s also visited 70 countries.

29) Tony Robbins

Robbins is an amazing person. After being chased from his home by his mother at knifepoint when he was 17 years old, he is now the most well recognized motivational speaker in the world. In between speeches, though, he’s also a ridiculously successful entrepreneur (chairman of a $5 billion holding company), best-selling author and a philanthropist who helps millions of people around the world. He is driven by his mission to help people in all of his pursuits. Check out his video “Change Your Life — Be a Leader” to get inspired.

30) Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is no slouch either. His extensive portfolio of success includes a New York Times bestseller, a radio show, and three successful companies with holdings of $350 million. In addition to providing sales training to companies like Google, Sprint and Ford, he is a social media expert to boot. With almost a million Facebook page likes, more than 350,000 Twitter followers, 46,000 LinkedIn followers, and over 155,000 YouTube subscribers, he definitely knows what he’s doing.