How To Choose The Best Social Media Channel For Your Business (Infographic)



Social media can assist your business to the road of success, whether you own a traditional brick and mortar business or an online startup.

Understand your prospects, current audience and loyal fans by choosing the right platforms for your business and sharing interesting content that people want to consume.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Establish your market: Measure your demographic. Is it a visual product or service? Would certain social media outlets (like Pinterest, Google+ or YouTube) be more beneficial than others?
  • Have great content: Make sure you’re offering valuable, engaging content that won’t make followers switch off.
  • Be consistent: Make sure your brand is recognisable across all social networking sites, and fits seamlessly with your company’s branding style.
  • Competitive is a natural thing: There’s no harm in doing some market research on who your competitors are and how they do business. Whatever they do, you must do it better!

Read more tips in the following infographic:

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