4 Commonly Found Mistakes In Most eCommerce Sites


Not taking care of any of these factors might ruin your chances of succeeding in eCommerce.

Make sure that your site does not make any of the following mistakes:

1. Poor Site Aesthetics


A well-designed site helps you build trust with your visitors and convert those visitors into customers.

The sad reality is that, on the first encounter, people judge us by our appearance and not by the content of our brains or character. This is true for eCommerce sites as well. 52% of shoppers abandon sites and do not return because they dislike the overall aesthetics.

Coming up with a good design for your site is not hard, however. The only thing you need to remember is that you have to keep it simple and ensure that it is practical for every user that comes to your site.

You want to make your products easy to find by having stellar navigation and a working search bar.

Many people now use mobile devices to shop. Without a responsive site, you will not be able to meet adequately the needs of this demographic.

2. Inadequate Customer Support


The quality of customer support is the litmus test of how much a company values its customers.

Most customers know this, and many will not give you their business if their contact with your customer support team leaves a bad taste in their mouth. 76% of shoppers view customer service as a real test of how much a brand values them.

Build a responsive and helpful customer support team. You need to train the team, so they are equipped to deal with the varied demands of customers.

3. Shipping

The popularity of Amazon’s services has resulted in customers expecting free shipping from eCommerce sites. In fact, unconditional free shipping is now the number one criterion for shoppers buying with an eCommerce site. 47% of customers will abandon the cart at checkout on finding out that free shipping is not part of the package. Free shipping increases the chances of a customer making a purchase by a significant margin.

4. Social Media


With the rise in social media usage, many people are discovering brands and products through social media. The opportunities that social media present to your business regarding customer acquisition and engagement are just too huge to ignore. Using social media to grow your eCommerce business begins with you setting the goals you want to achieve and then studying your customers then using the data to deliver what they want.


Growth in the eCommerce sector is still projected to increase massively in the coming years. If you want to be a participant in this growth and not just a spectator, you must take strategic actions to ensure that your eCommerce store is primed for success.

By avoiding the mistakes mentioned, you will have placed yourself in the good graces of your customers and the industry, and you will be rewarded accordingly.