How To Improve Your Visibility With The Right Pinterest Marketing Strategy


Pinterest is one of the most engaging social media tools for getting people to know your brand.

Whether you are sharing content or products, they can gain a lot of exposure through repins and likes. If you get onto a popular board with a lot of followers, your referrals could blow up.

So how do you increase those referrals? Here are four useful tips to help you improving your market visibility through Pinterest.

1. Add products with price tags


If you are sharing a product that you sell, make sure you include a price tag to tell people that it is available for sale. This is really important because Pinterest drives a lot of referral traffic, and those pins that have price tags can get up to 36% more likes on average than those that don’t. The main reason why this tip works is people see something that they can actually buy, and therefore want it saved to their likes either for future use or to purchase immediately for a specific occasion.

You can really push a product this way, and make it clear to consumers that you do actually sell the items you are sharing.

2. Use group boards


Group boards are curated areas of content that are put together by groups of likeminded people who all want to see the same kind of content. There’s a way around to search for them on Pinterest itself, plus, you can use tools to search for group boards as well as keeping an eye out for recommendations from others in your field.

Choose a group board that has a lot of engagement, as this will be good for getting you more exposure and more visibility. Join up to the board and start adding your repins and original posts – this will help get your products or your website seen by more people. It’s also a great way to build up a network within the industry. A great place for inspiration is to check out the pages and websites of your fellow group pinners.

3. Cross-promote your page


It’s actually pretty hard to find a specific brand on Pinterest, especially if you don’t know whether they have a page or not. Most people won’t just stumble upon your pins and start following you – they need a bit more of a prompt. You can do this via cross-promotion.

So where can you share your pins to get people to go ahead and view your boards? You can include them in your email newsletter, you can add them to other social media pages, and you can even include them on a page on your website. You can actually add a Pinterest app to your Facebook page for free, so this is definitely a great way to get more people looking at your Pins.

Make sure to add “pin it” buttons to your website as well – this way, people can pin directly from your site and share your images and products even further for you. This really helps to drive more visibility, and you can promote Pinterest in your physical store if you have one with cards and posters reminding visitors to go check it out.

4. Create blog boards


If you have a blog on your website, be sure to create a blog board where you post all of your new blogs as pins. This is a really helpful way to get traffic moving in both directions: from your blog to Pinterest, and from Pinterest to your blog.