Australia Someday: A 52 Weeks of Vacations Contest



If you were to ask the average American the question, “Would you like to go to Australia?”, mostly you’d receive an enthusiastic “Yes!” answer.

Wanting to go somewhere is not the same as planning a trip. Tourism Australia understand this notion perfectly, so they give away 52 week vacations to encourage Americans to make plans down under.

“Australia consistently ranks at the top of where Americans want to vacation,” said Jane Whitehead, Tourism Australia’s vice president. “We know the many Americans that want to visit Australia ‘someday’ are busy, and that’s why they put off going. We want to make this easy and fun. So we created a contest that will test everyone’s Aussie geography, provide some great vacation inspiration and, importantly, show how accessible an Aussie vacation is -– and how each of these experiences can be enjoyed within one weeklong trip.”

The contest is a partnership between Tourism Australia, Delta and Virgin Australia. You’ll have the chance to win a trip if you can get the closest to guessing the exact location of each mystery destination. After the contest ends on April 21, the “Someday” website will become a planning tool for trips down under.

Here are some of the promotional videos:

The destinations listed include the cliches most of us associate with Australia. However, they also highlight the lesser-known offerings for most Americans, such as vineyard tours and first-class restaurants.