Australian Brands Suffer From Poor Ads



The majority of Australians say there is too much advertising, most is forgettable and it can’t be trusted.

Grey Group Australia has conducted research in partnership with Zing Insights for its Eye on Australia report, looking at how brands are fairing in a new media world. However, the study has found that brands are suffering and that advertising might be to blame.

According to the report, 79% of Australians think there is too much advertising and as a result none of it stands out. A further 78% think most advertising is forgettable and 73% don’t think they can trust branded messages.


Grey Group Australia national planning director Danish Chan says:

“Advertising doesn’t work the way it used to. It can still be an engine of influence – but it needs to adapt,” Chan says. “Technology has changed the way Australians consume media and run their lives. Continuously connected and always-on, Australians may be easier to reach but are tougher to influence.”

While 40% of respondents feel that brands are all similar nowadays and another 53% are not loyal to any brand, the vast majority – 73% – believe brands are important in helping make judgements about quality. Furthermore, the report says that given the figures, brands need to change the way they advertise if they want to see results.





Essentially, brands take the wrong tact with social media, with too many using it to broadcast rather than create participation. It says brands need to move from ‘storytelling’ to ‘story-making’, which makes other people the storytellers of the brand.

In addition, the report says “brand experience” is also more important than advertising campaigns, with a relentless focus on the customer increasingly important.