Delectus Solutions Has Their Website Upgraded By TWMG


Good website functions as the information centre for your prospects and customers.

Delectus Solutions is a recruitment agency that offers low-cost hiring process for companies across Australia. It has a comprehensive recruitment process which is specially designed to find the right candidate for the position needed and is built to save your company time and money. That said, in order to build awareness of the brand, Delectus Solutions thought it is only fitting to have a website that reflected the services they offer. They wanted a website that worked seamlessly across all devices, that hooked up to their CRM system to manage applications across Australia and generated leads online via an SEO campaign.

Delectus Solutions chose TWMG to design and build the new website. What they had in mind was something unique and light, something that fits their target audience. With that goal in mind, TWMG team do the best to fulfil their request. TWMG devised a website development strategy geared to make Delectus Solutions stand out in their highly competitive industry. We unified the look, feel and content of the website to make it focused on increasing brand awareness, trust and familiarity. Here is the front page appearance:


The website is simple, unique, cool look instantly relays what the brand and the products they offer is all about. The content is informative and compelling, whilst the CTAs deliver conversions. The backbone of the website is an SEO-friendly content management system (CMS) which allows Delectus Solutions to make urgent changes with the click of a few buttons.

Take a look at the website here.

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