Five Amazing Tools For A Marvelous Instagram Profile



Instagram is no longer all about posting photos and cool filters. More than that, it has evolved to become a complete visual portfolio for your brand.

As such, brands need to be giving their followers a true taste of what they’re about by presenting a cohesive profile that can complement their brand ethos as well as their aesthetics.

In the era where first impression is one of the most important thing, to ensure your Instagram grid looks fabulous, you need to plan your posts, schedule them in advance and monitor their performance. In today’s post, we are going to present a list of five amazing tools to help you create a perfect photo for your Instagram feed.

1. Iconosquare


Iconoscquare gives your Instagram efforts so much support. With this tool, you can monitor specific users and hashtags in customised feeds, discover your followers’ geotagging location, identify your most influential followers, sort your media by engagement rate, easily compare yourself with your competitors, track hashtags and manage past performance.

2. Hootsuite


?If you’re using Hootsuite to manage other social media channels, the Instagram integration can save you even more time. It not only allows you to schedule and publish Instagram content but you can also monitor and engage with Instagram audiences from the same window you’re using to engage followers on other platforms. That said, posts are required to be posted via the Hootsuite mobile app. At the time you choose to publish, you’ll receive a push notification from your Hootsuite mobile app.

3. Onlypult (formerly Instapult)


Onlypult is simply dedicated to scheduling your Instagram posts without a push notification, making it a very convenient tool. You can schedule one or more Instagram posts (not compatible with videos) to go live at times that are optimal for your audience, complete with text and up to 30 hashtags. This site is developed and hosted in Russia and Instagram’s terms of service don’t allow third party aps to post automatically into the platform. Thus, do so at your own risk.

4. PLANN (formerly Plan your Gram)


Perfectionists out there will love this tool. PLANN’s revolutionary approach to planning and scheduling your posts is ideal for anyone conscious of their online portfolio appearance. This mobile app lets you curate your feed with a visual drag’n drop feature. From there you can simply plan out your posts and schedule when it’s time to upload – you’ll receive a push notification to your phone to let you know when it’s time.

Note: This app is yet to be released. Yet, if you do favor its teaser, you can register to be one of the first to use it.

5. Later (formerly Latergramme)


Plan, manage and schedule your Instagram posts with Later’s website and mobile app. It’s easy to use and a very simple way to manage your visual feed. They’re also planning to extend the service across other platforms in the future. Like Hootsuite and PLANN, Later utilises a push notification feature at the time you have scheduled.