Google Fit Is The New Threat For Apple’s HealthKit



It looks like Google has taken the recent Apple’s HealthKit issue more seriously.

Google’s big concern is proven with the release of Google Fit, a fitness tracking app for Android.

The app (which connects to your existing Google account) acts as a main dashboard for tracking your fitness records and health goals. Like HealthKit, Google Fit extracts the data into the sensors in your smartphone to supervise on your daily activities like steps and active minutes. Users can also manually add exercise and other activities, such as biking and walking.

Google Fit’s dashboard, which also available on the web, tracks your activities over time and your progress toward exercise or weight loss goals. Eventually, you will also be able to connect Google Fit to third party apps and devices, including Android Wear smartwatches and fitness trackers from Runtastic, Polar and Basis

Google Fit’s dashboard tracks your activity and progress toward goals over time.

To make it easier for third-party app integration, Google also released the full versions of its Google Fit APIs for developers. A preview version of its software development kit for Google Fit has been released earlier this year. It contained a series of early partners, including Nike, Runtastic, RunKeeper, who will be among the first developers to make their apps Google Fit-compatible. The first batch of apps is expected in “the coming weeks.”