How and Where are Brands Placing Their Content Budgets? (Infographic)



One of American best-selling author, Mitch Albom, once famously said that nothing haunts us like things we don’t dare to say.

However, what about the other areas we don’t fully invest in? In today’s post, we would like to say that the decision (or lack of it) to allocate budget for certain products or services can leave us feeling equally as afflicted, especially when it pertains to the success of the business.

Unfortunately, deciding how and where to spend your budget can be tricky. Over-invest in one area and the others might suffer. Under-invest in another area and you could derail your existing efforts.

To help you get a handle on the options, take a look at the following infographic that covers various tips from the content experts that signal you might not be spending enough. It is designed to get you up to speed and feeling good about where you’re putting your money.

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Infographic credit: Express Writer.