Now You Can Test Your Website’s Mobile-Friendliness With Bing



The pervasive nature of mobile devices demands companies to be aware of the experience they present to users.

There are plenty of mobile testing tools available for net-based businesses on the market today. Google, for instance, has long offered a mobile friendly testing tool and recently Bing has released their own offering.


You might recall that Bing began showing mobile friendly labels in the results a few months ago and even announced it would be rolling out a mobile-friendly algorithm, so the new and free testing tool will likely not come as much of a surprise to industry watchers. That being said, the release of the tool does indicate Bing and Microsoft’s seriousness when it comes to anything and everything mobile. The search engine went into some detail about how pages are determined to be mobile friendly and the criteria it uses including viewport and zoom control configuration, page content width, readability of page text, link spacing and the use of compatible plugins.