Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Feature is Now Available on iOS



Pinterest revealed Buyable Pins in June as a way for brands to securely sell products on its social network. Now the social network is announcing the feature will be available on iOS as well.

Buyable Pins are displayed in the home feed, on boards and in search results and can be identified by a blue price. In fact, users can even compare color choices of product directly from the Pin. According to Pinterest, 30 million pins will become buyable in the next few weeks on its social network, from brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Brands who want to leverage Buyable Pins for their products, however, must leverage the Shopify or Demandware commerce platforms as well as signup for Pinterest’s waitlist.


“Buyable Pins still let you control the shopping experience — Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have. That’s why we’re only working with merchants who care about providing Pinners with the best possible experience,” Pinterest said in its original announcement.