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Five Social Media Marketing Trends In 2015


As 2014 will be over very soon, it would be good to look at what 2015 hold for social media marketing.

Social media is developing at a rapid rate, so it’s worth taking a look at what direction it will be taking in 2015. We’ll begin our first prophecy with:

1. The Booming of Video Content

While video has become so popular across social media, this trend will be likely to gain a lot more traction in 2015. With the rise of video bloggers that have millions of YouTube subscribers, it won’t be surprising to see brands jumping on the video approach as well.

2. The Demise of Google+

2015 might be the time that Google says goodbye to its own social network for good. The prediction is supported with the fact that Vic Gundotra – Google’s Senior Vice President of Social – announced he was leaving the company back in April and Google killed Authorship back in August.

A lot of people spent time building their Google+ profiles in hopes that their content would appear higher in search results, yet now that Authorship’s been scrapped, it wouldn’t be surprising to see people migrating away from the network. It just a matter of time before Google ultimately opt to close the project.

3. More Premium Social

Anyone who manages a company’s social media will know that Facebook has been dramatically decreasing organic page reach in a bid to promote their paid advertising offering. This way, unless you’re a huge brand with a significant following, the only way to reach all of your fans is to get the premium service.

Following Facebook’s step, Pinterest released its Promoted Pins feature to more businesses in August and Twitter expanding their advertising offerings to include more specific mobile targeting. Businesses will more than likely boost their social media advertising efforts, as well as explore the possibility of hiring paid social media experts (we covered this in our digital job trends blog here).

4. The Year of Mobile

While this seems pretty obvious, there are many reasons to suggest that 2015 will see an even more dramatic increase in focus on mobile-first in terms of social media marketing and advertising. With Twitter developing its advertising platform and giving businesses the chance to target users by mobile network and users with new mobile devices, as well as buying mobile ad firm Tap Commerce back in July, it’s clear that social is leaning heavily towards mobile. With this in mind, it won’t be surprising to see teams in larger companies purely focused on mobile social media advertising.

5. More Data/Analytics

Several social media platforms have really upped their game when it comes to analytics and data on offer in 2014, so I would expect to see even smaller companies making more use of the information on offer to them in 2015. This comes after Pinterest released its incredibly detailed analytics dashboard back in June and Twitter announced that they’re experimenting with inbuilt analytics within tweets last month, so it’s clear that social media platforms are keen to share their data with their customers. This will have a knock-on effect on businesses who will use this information for more intelligent social media marketing.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends In 2015 (Infographic)

Our latest research has revealed the top 15 key points that will become the digital marketing trends in 2015.

The following infographic encapsulates the most popular online trends in 2014 and classifies them in order of percentage increase throughout the year. Technology will become one of the biggest motivation of marketing shift in 2015. In order to survive, brands need to deliver truly integrated strategies.

Every year new hardware and software appears, but the most successful brands in 2015 will be those that harness new technology to deliver a single experience to consumers wherever they are in their journey.


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Explore Google Street View In VR Mode With Google Cardboard


Here is a good news: Google Cardboard is now compatible with Street View.

Google has announced that users can wear the headset and experience Google Maps Street View in a new, immersive way.

The cardboard headset (which costs as little as $10 and is available for purchase online or homemade), works with any Android phone that can fit within the holder — however, 4.7-inch devices are the limit. Then, you can open Street View in Google Maps on the phone, double-tap a lower-right, look-around icon on the corner of the display to sync everything up. After that, the headset shows a 360-degree view of the location.


Google has been updating its Street Map interface with some cool additions. There’s a whole lot more in Google Maps than just Street View these days. One prime example is Business View that takes people inside of restaurants, departments stores and even movie and TV sets. There’s an indoor feature as well, so people can map out the inside of attractive locations (such as Burj Dubai) before heading inside in real life.

Earlier this month, Google announced that it has shipped more than 500,000 Google Cardboard headsets. The Internet company said it was expanding its VR efforts by hiring some developers.

Instagram Has Added Five New Filters Into Its App


Here is a good news for all Instagram users: the app is getting a set of new filters for the first time in two years.

The photo sharing app company has launched a major update to its iOS and Android version on Tuesday. It adds five new filters and the ability to rearrange how filters appear within the app. The new filters (Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua) will now available in the filter tray of the updated app.

The update also allows users to reorder the app’s filters or hide the ones they don’t use. They can scroll to the end of the filter tray to find the new “Manage” setting, which enables them to quickly personalise which favorite filters that would appear in the app.

Moreover, Instagram states that the new filters were inspired by camera improvements on smartphones and the creativity of its users.

“Photography trends have evolved, and the capabilities of the camera on your phone have vastly improved” the company wrote in a blog post. “We’ve seen tremendous creativity within the community, not only in the moments they share, but in the time spent carefully composing and editing photos and videos to bring out emotions and make them beautiful.”

Facebook Has Released Auto-Enhance Photo Feature For iOS Users


It looks like Facebook is adapting Google+’s feature by automatically editing photos posted to the social network from mobile devices.

Now, when users upload a photo on Facebook using their iOS devices, it is automatically “enhanced” for clarity, lighting and shadow. They don’t need to decide between individual filters like Instagram. The update has been enabled for iOS since Tuesday and is coming to Android soon.

“We want to make it easy, and as few taps as possible to make your photo memories beautiful. Before, the auto-enhance option was available, but it was under the menu where you could also choose filters for your photos on Facebook,” said Facebook officials.

However, if you are not fond of Facebook’s edits, there’s also manual option that users can play with to toggle photo lighting. Sliding the bar all the way to the rightcan make the photo a lot brighter and more defined.

Since the popularity of Instagram’s photo filters, image-enhancement options have been adapted all over social media. Google+ started automatically enhancing photos last year, while other social platforms are adding a distinctive feature to improve user’s photo quality as well. Twitter, for example, has added photo filters way back on 2013.

Ten Key Elements Of A Great Website (Infographic)

What are the criteria for a great website?

Everybody who are long enough in SEO business knows that content, videos, and images are very important, but there is more elements that you might never aware of.

For instance, 79% web visitors often choose to scan web pages, so if you don’t know how to make your page optimally scannable, you are one step behind. That’s just one aspect. There are many small details that you need to do in order to create a high quality website.

In the infographic below, you will find ten most important criteria for a great website. Still, many people think that if they just able to pick a few of the key elements below, they would have a great website. Unfortunately, it won’t work that way. The following guide comes in a total package and you need to work on all of the elements in it.


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Ad Spending In Australia (November 2014)


Latest report stated that November revenue in advertising is the best for the last four years as outdoor and digital ads continue climbing up.

Cinema, digital and outdoor media contributed in the growth ad spend in November, with overall agency bookings increasing 3.8% compared with November 2013, according to the latest SMI figures. The total ad bookings via all major agency groups reached $757 million in November. The increasing has covered a 3% decline in October.

Cinema ad spending only has increased 22% year-on-year, with bookings reaching $6.1m.

Total digital bookings increased 12.7% to reach $148.6m. There was a 65% rise in social networking and it was the biggest increase across any channel. Mobile also saw a 38% bump while bookings to ad networks fell 16.5%. The total spend on TV fell marginally, down 0.3% year on year to $352.5m with the biggest slump in subscription TV down 5.1%. Metro TV saw a marginal increase of 0.2%.

Bookings made through agencies for outdoor ads increased 37.1% to reach $89m, while radio continued to rise, increasing 7.1% overall to make $52.5m, driven by regional stations, which increased 18.7% to reach $8.3m.

Newspapers and magazines continued their downward trajectory, with bookings for newspaper ads down 12.2% total, falling to $75m. Metropolitan newspapers saw the biggest decline falling 14.8% while the regional press held up slightly better falling 4.3%. Newspaper magazines were down 26%, while consumer mags fell 5.4% . Trade magazine bookings fell 5.9%. On the whole, the magazine segment dropped 10.5% to $27.5m.

How To Make Your Social Media Campaign Flourish (Infographic)

At certain times, social media marketing can be frustrating.

Running a successful social media campaign is very challenging, especially when the pressure lies in a single resource only. The challenge will be doubled if the company urges to capitalise on the simplest way to build a brand, establish a global reputation and connect more intimately with their audiences. However, worry no more. In the following infographic, you will find some necessary steps that you should take in order to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


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Google: Year In Search 2014

Do you want to know what are the most popular searches in 2014?

It has become a common practice that every year Google releases a list of the most searched topics over the past 12 months. Recently, Google has released two lists this year — one for US search trends, and one for worldwide search trends:

Google’s US Trending Searches

  1. Robin Williams
  2. World Cup
  3. Ebola
  4. Malaysia Airlines
  5. Flappy Bird
  6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  7. ISIS
  8. Ferguson
  9. Frozen
  10. Ukraine

Google’s Global Trending Searches

  1. Robin Williams
  2. World Cup
  3. Ebola
  4. Malaysia Airlines
  5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  6. Flappy Bird
  7. Conchita Wurst
  8. ISIS
  9. Frozen
  10. Sochi Olympics

 The lists are mostly the same, with just a few differences. However, there is an interesting fact to note: this is the first year where an Apple product didn’t make the cut. (2010 had iPad; 2011 featured both iPhone 5 and iPad 3; 2012 had iPad 3 again; 2013 had the iPhone 5S)

Flappy Bird also becomes a surprising phenomenon to note, as it successfully becomes the first mobile game app to get into Google’s top 10. Having a wildly successful app is one thing, but how about becoming an app that becomes one of the most searched for things around the entire world? That’s the new achievement. Google states that 2048 and Flappy Bird, both one-man projects, beat out Destiny, the most expensive game ever developed.

Five Great Ways To Build A Personalised Brand With Social Media


In today’s digital era, having an excellent service is not enough. You need to establish a trustworthy, personalised brand for your business.

Internet and social media have given numerous businesses the chance to promote themselves beyond the traditional way.  They can be the perfect place to showcase your products, skills and attitude to millions of people all over the world.

A personal brand is very important for every serious business, especially those in the digital industry. The question is, how to do it? Here are five ways you can utilise Internet and social media to pump up your personal brand.

1. Clarify Yourself

One of the worst things you can do on social media is to have half-completed, dormant profiles lingering around on the Internet. It makes an impression that you’re not taking your personal brand seriously.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date with your most recent work history or upcoming projects and that your other profiles such as Google+, Instagram and Twitter are up-to-date, relevant and full.

2. Show Off Your Skills

Whether you’re a designer, social media manager or video editor, there are plenty of platforms to showcase what you can do on without the need for a website to host your portfolio. LinkedIn Publishing is a great way of showing off your writing skills, YouTube is useful for show reels for animators and video editors, and the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are handy tools for graphic designers to promote their work. Pick the right social media platform and showcase your business.

3. Be Active In Discussion

The great thing about social media lies on its social ability. Engage yourself in discussions within your particular sector can be a great way of getting yourself out there and promote yourself. For example, if you’re a budding SEO Manager, taking part in chats about SEO techniques will raise your profile. Search for LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities or Twitter chats that are relevant to your industry and take part in or start your own discussions with fellow professionals. This will increase your authority and build your audience at the same time.

4. Provide Useful Content

Once you’ve got more followers on social media, how do you keep them interested and place yourself as an influencer/authority?

The answer is simple: you need to find useful content related to your industry and skill set, then share it with your followers. Being useful for others is essential. Check out industry blogs, YouTube channels or publications for great content. However, only share content you’ve read it yourself and think it of high-quality.

5. Have A Distinctive Characteristic

During the process of utilising Internet and social media to build your brand, it can be very easy to become stuffy and dull. To avoid this, include some funny content or posts as well. It would be better if you can share some personal, light-hearted content on your social media profiles. However, always make sure the content you’ve shared is appropriate in both prospects and customers’ point of view.