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Telstra Opens A New Discovery Store In Melbourne


Australian telecommunication corporate, Telstra, is opening a new discovery store in Melbourne near Christmas.

Andrew Coull, Telstra country wide executive director, said it was important to keep the company relevant and available for customers whenever, wherever and however they need them.

“We’re really excited to be launching Melbourne Discovery in a city that loves tech, bringing together our world-class technology and innovative service experience for Melbourne customers,” Coull said. “More than ever, it’s a store that makes a personal connection between people and technology. Our team of highly trained experts is dedicated to providing the best in personalised service for our customers. This is supported by the very latest innovations in digital technology that allow customers to seamlessly switch between physical and digital experiences as they explore, discover, try and buy.”

This is the second discovery store launched by Telstra, while the first one being in Sydney last year. The future of retail is a much debated topic in advertising world, with questions arising whether the bricks and mortar stores are dead and that companies need to follow where the millennials are going. Key features to Telstra’s Melbourne Discovery store include a new tech accessories store and the reflection of the Melbourne community, with a pop-up coffee spot with an in-store barista.

The pop up space will be managed by The Wise Foundation, a local charity that works to strengthen communities through the development of innovative social businesses. It will talk to customers about the role of social innovation in the community and showcase some of the initiatives they have in place with partners.

Coull said since opening in October 2014, Sydney Discovery was delivering significant increases in sales volumes, the number of customers visiting the store and how customers rated their experience.

“Just in the past week, our Sydney customers had more than 6,000 digital interactions with us in the store – in addition to thousands of face-to-face conversations with our expert team,” he said. “In addition, we’ve also seen significant interest from the retail industry in the technology and innovations we’ve developed. We expect to see these results and more translate to our Melbourne Discovery store.”

What Should You Expect From A Good Marketing Agency?


So you’ve hired a marketing agency or are at least considering it. What would you do now?

That said, it’s important that you discuss what you are looking for from an agency and compare that to how they operate and add value. This isn’t just a one-time conversation either. Relationships with external vendors need to be managed on an ongoing basis, so make sure you’re communicating what you need from each other to do the best work you possibly can. In today’s post, you will see what benefits a marketing agency should offer to you. Let’s start with the first and most important thing:

A Good Marketing Agency Gets Stuff Done

If you are hiring an agency, there’s a good chance you have some great ideas but don’t have the internal resources to actualise them. A marketing agency should be chosen based on the skill-set they provide. Common competencies that you would expect to see in a good marketing agency include:

  • Project management
  • Campaign management
  • Copywriting
  • Creative design
  • Development/Programming

Beyond what they’re capable of doing, you also need to look into what the agency knows. A good marketing agency will have specialised experts in running campaigns, whether that’s on various digital platforms like Google AdWords, email, or social media, or offline media like print publications and out-of-home.

A Great Marketing Agency Integrates Into Your Processes

It’s one thing to tell an agency what you need, but a great marketing agency will get in the weeds with you and see what you need. If an agency can understand how you work (the good and the bad), they can adjust their approach and deliverables to better fill those gaps we talked about earlier. A great agency will make your job easier, and take things off your plate. There’s also a technical aspect to a great integration: a marketing agency should have access to data to inform their best work. They also should be closing the feedback loop and bringing data back into the organisation to advise future decisions, even outside of marketing. A great agency will crave being more than just an external vendor. Don’t forget that you’re giving them your business, and so your success is intrinsically tied to theirs. If that doesn’t get them excited to create a closer working relationship, that should be a sign.

An Excellent Marketing Agency Provides Strategic Direction for Your Business

The best agency relationship any company can hope for is one that makes your business more successful and enables your employees to do their best work. At this point, your agency feels less like an external vendor and more like they are an extension of your team. And like any team, the advice and feedback flows both ways. An excellent marketing agency will point out areas in your business that could be optimised. They will extend their thinking beyond the tasks at hand and look to what is coming in the future so that, together, you can prepare your business for success. This requires not only the right skills, but also the insight that comes from close integration. A client-agency relationship can’t reach this level without the first two areas and a great amount of respect and trust in each other. So in your quest to find an excellent marketing agency, make sure you’re asking the questions to see if they can provide these services, and also be open to the possibilities they can help you realise.

The Value Of Customer Testimonials For Small Business

website design and marketing in sydney australia

Nowadays, customer testimonials have been considered as standard practice for nearly all business models.

Everyone is looking for ways to let you know why you should trust their service. Customer testimonials serve several applications that will boost your business’s success. In today’s post, you will learn how you can solicit them from customers.

1. Validation

Validation is two-fold in its service. Not only is it important for your customer, but it can serve as fuel for your business as well. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established company rolling out a new product, there’s always that anxiety of wondering how something will be received by the public. Getting positive feedback from consumers will give you the confidence to keep pursuing the avenues that are working.

Just as important if not more so, is the confirmation potential customers will get, knowing that they’re not alone in their decision to purchase your product. It’s no secret that humans like to belong or fit in with others. There have been numerous psychological studies proving that in times of uncertainty, people will tend to copy others’ actions. For instance: imagine you’re on a road trip and you’re in the middle of nowhere when you pull over for food. There’s two BBQ joints that look similar, except for one’s completely empty and the other is full. Barring that there’s no line, which one will you choose? That’s the power of validation.

2. Vantage Point

Whatever our jobs, we all experience it. We see things through a point of view because that’s what our professions teach us to do. As hard as we try, we can never quite see things the same way someone else does. When it comes to business, no one’s viewpoint matters more than the customer’s. Customer testimonials will allow you to see things through the eyes of someone else and provide you with unique insights you couldn’t get in any other way. Which brings us to our third and final point.

3. Unique Insight

You’re sure everyone loves your product because of it’s beautiful design. You’ve even poured thousands of dollars into marketing based on that singular fact and then you speak with your customers, not one mention of design. In fact, some people don’t even like the look of your product but they love how sturdy it is.

The fact is, customers see things you can’t. Even if you’re aware of all your product’s uses, can you be sure which one is driving them to purchase it? Customer testimonials can give you a sense of what makes your product shine, how people are using it, and how you need to market it.


  • Use customer testimonials as a mini compass for your business. They will help you and your customers consistently make smarter decisions.
  • Basic web analytics can measure a lot things, but hearing testimonials directly from the mouth of your consumers can reveal things numbers aren’t always capable of doing.
  • Be wise and diversify your strategy, a plan that includes analysis of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and traditional word of mouth will be the most well rounded and advantageous.

Why Do Millennials Love Video Content (Infographic)


If you’re not incorporating video into your content marketing strategy because you think it’s too expensive, you’re definitely missing a valuable chance to make an impression on millennial consumers.

Today’s infographic shows that millennials are willing to spend more than $200 billion annually starting in 2017 and video marketing plays a starring role when it comes to influencing what they buy. YouTube reaches more millennials than “any single US cable network”. Google’s chief business officer also stated that the average mobile YouTube session lasts over 40 minutes. During that time, young people are watching everything from cat videos to movie trailers to even branded content. 76 percent of millennials follow brands on YouTube, and a whopping 84 percent do so on Facebook. You might wondered why this is so important. The answer is simply because 80 percent of millennials use video to help them decide which products to purchase.

Take a look at the infographic below for more useful data on the power of targeting millennials with video.


Click to Enlarge

Infographic credit: Animoto

OZO: The New Virtual Reality Camera From Nokia

Most people thought Nokia has died. Well, it isn’t.

This new product, the OZO, might be what pulls the company back into the light, with a world-leading Virtual Reality Camera. OZO is a professional Virtual Reality Camera made for professional presenters and production companies. It comes with a price tag of $50,000. It’s definitely not cheap, but if you want to stay ahead of the game, the price asked is a good investment. The OZO processes the 360 VR film in-camera, so there is NO post production stitching, and it also delivers top of the range spatial 3D sound. Take a look at the following video for more details.

Domino’s “Easy Order” Button Will Let You Order Pizza In A Push


Do you still remember Netflix and its “The Chill Button” campaign? Domino’s is presenting a similar theme to its latest campaign.

Recently, Domino’s has been designed a lot of new campaigns for customers to order pizza. From customising pies on an iPad to octocopter delivery service, it looks like Domino’s is struggling hard to bring the most creative campaign to attract new customers. However, its latest delivery innovation is all about speed.

The latest Domino’s “Easy Order” button is a one-click step to getting your favourite pizza as fast as possible. Considering the Amazon Dash button has already brought the “press to order” idea to all sorts of products, people are wondering why it took so long for pizza to get with the program. The button comes in a miniature Domino’s pizza box, and it uses Bluetooth to pair with an app. Just save your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or app, and pizza will find its way to you with a push of the button.

The button will only be in the UK at start, and the target availability date is December. The second batch will be released in February 2016. Currently, he button is only available on UK. If there are plans to roll it out to other markets, those won’t be disclosed until they’re ready to go. Aside of the physical button, customers can also use the digital Easy Order button. It works the same way as the physical button, and you can find it in the Domino’s app for fast tap-to-order functionality.

Beats Is One Of The First Brand Which Run Snapchat’s Sponsored Lens Campaign


Snapchat has announced Apple-owned Beats headphone as the first consumer product brand to run a Sponsored Lens campaign.

On Black Friday, Snapchat users will be able to use the lens to dress up their selfies. The lens resembles Snapchat’s first popular one. The Beats lens puts special effects over people’s photos, superimposing cartoonish headphones over their ears, floating bubbles out of their head and streaming light out of their mouth. And it’s musical, set to a Drake song, “Big Rings.”

“Through the Lens, Beats is giving Snapchatters the opportunity to engage and communicate with their brand in a personal and dynamic way,” Snapchat said in a statement.

The campaign marks Snapchat’s attempt to monetize the animated filters, which launched in October. It sold the first Sponsored Lens for the Charlie Brown movie “Peanuts,” then launched a lens store.


Special lenses are sold in the in-app store, and the branded lenses, like this Beats one, are free to consumers. Snapchat revealed today that 10 percent of its users, or 10 million people, send lenses every day. The app claims to have 100 million daily users.

The company has been exploring new formats for digital advertising since it first sold sponsored snaps last year. It was early to push advertisers to experiment with vertical video on mobile devices, and now it’s challenging them to up their brands with animated filters.