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Telstra Treats: A Localised, Geo-Targeted Mobile Reward App


Telstra is launching a localised mobile reward app that offers local customers more discounts and deals based on their own personal preferences.

The app, called Telstra Treats, has been developed by Vivant and was soft launched in Sydney’s CBD this month. Soon, Telstra will bring the app to small businesses in the local area and offer more rewards. The offered ‘treats’ ranges from a free cup of coffee at your local cafe to designer clothing from a retailer in your area.


The company claims that the app will be “an exciting new app that sends you special offers based on your location and interests. Telstra Treats offers special, ‘just-for-you’ treats based on what you tell us you like and where you are.” Basically, users tell the app about their personal data, including their age, gender, how much they like eating out, shopping and going out. Telstra serves adds for discounts that match in the local area.

The treats are available for all Telstra customers with a number of discounts, rewards and offers for local restaurants, cafes and shops within a limited time. The offers and deals each user receives will be customised based on how they respond and interact with the app. Current offers include deals on haircuts, group meal discounts, free coffee and dessert. It also offers time limited deals on discounted Telstra contracts and handsets as well.

The offers are targeted by location, so users will receive push notifications for nearby offers. The app features a map to help customers searching around for the deals to redeem. A Telstra spokesperson confirmed that the trial is in a “soft launch” phase and that it would be gathering feedback from both customers and small businesses involved before making any moves to roll it out beyond the Sydney CBD.

5 Essential Elements Of A Great Brand (SlideShare Presentation)


Great brands have similar characteristics among themselves that distinguish them from the ‘ordinary’ ones.

However, becoming a great brand is not an easy task. You will need a lot of effort and dedication. In today’s post, we present an interesting SlideShare presentation on ‘What Makes A Great Brand’. While many startups and business owners might argue for and against on some of the content, it’s definitely worth a read over your coffee today.

The presentation was to give marketers practical guidance and ensure that their approach is conformable with what either customers or prospects want and expect. Moreover, it also covers five important features that every great brand should own. Enjoy!

Facebook Introduces Save: A ‘Read It Later’ Feature


With the coming of Facebook Paper earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook is best described as a “personalised newspaper”. Fortunately, if you follow or Like the right Pages, the articles that appear in your news feed are the most engrossing read in the world, if not exactly the most timely one.

However, Zuckerberg knows that you could be reading Facebook more in any given day, and he did want to facilitate these readers. Recently, Facebook appears to be testing a new “save for later” feature. This isn’t the first time the company has tested their ideas, but this time it seems to be more advanced and closer to wide release.

Basically, the Save feature is what apps such as Instapaper, Pocket and Read It Later have been doing for years. The Apple browser, Safari, has added a similar feature called Reading List (available on mobile in iOS6 and on the desktop with Mac OS X Mavericks). Still, this feature differs in some significant ways. Firstly, you can save more than just articles. This way, you can set aside anything from your cousin’s holiday snaps to a change in your secret crush’s relationship status quickly. Secondly, it allows you to do your later reading within Facebook, where the company will be able to monitor and monetise ever more of your reading behaviour. What we don’t know yet is whether you will be able to read those articles and links when you’re offline.

This feature might come handy during free time, like while waiting in line for coffee. Knowing you can Save links for later and skim by them in favour of quick-to-consume content like photos and status updates could make brief feed sessions more pleasurable, and Facebook only needs to show you a few organic stories to slot in an ad alongside your fix of ambient intimacy.

Social Media Statistics: Ten Amazing Social Media Facts in 2014 (Infographic)

Social media is literally escalating to new heights, making it harder for marketers to control its power.

Nowadays, there is a social media platform for (virtually) anything you can imagine. Want to keep in touch with old friends? You have Facebook. Want to share a picture of your fancy food (and its recipe) or a beautiful sunset? You can use Pinterest and Instagram. Want to get connected with your boss, co-workers or, let’s say, competitors? Say hello to LinkedIn.

However, many of you may not be aware that social media is not only a great platform for social interactions, but also an ideal place for digital marketing. There is numerous data and statistics regarding social media floating around the Internet. In today’s post, we have crafted a list of ten essential facts you need to remember when using social media to promote your business.


Click to Enlarge

“What The Phone, Australia?”: An Intriguing Catchphrase In Virgin Mobile’s Newest Ad


It looks like Virgin Mobile has a lot of fun with the ‘What The Phone, Australia?’ (pun intended) tagline on their latest campaign.

Virgin Mobile Australia has announced today the launch of a major integrated brand campaign called ‘Making mobile better’ via Havas Worldwide Australia and One Green Bean.

The company has assigned US actress, comedian and star of Glee, Jane Lynch, to star in the campaign. The ad demonstrates the most practical ways Virgin Mobile is making the mobile experience better for its customers and aim to transform some foolish mobile behaviours into  better activity.

Nicole Bardsley, Virgin Mobile’s Director of Brand and Communications, stated:

“Better than anyone, we know the power mobile phones have in bringing people together and strengthening human relationships. However, we also acknowledge that some mobile phone behaviour can be antisocial, when not kept in check! Our hope is that by Jane pointing out the humour in some of this behaviour, people are in a better position to find that important balance between what’s happening on their phone and what’s happening right in front of them.”

Here is the ad:

The Alliance at LinkedIn: How LinkedIn’s Board of Directors Manage Its Employees (Video)


Human resource development is one of the essential elements of a company, and in today’s post, you will learn some useful insights from the best practitioners in the employment field: LinkedIn.

Last week, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner were interviewed about human resources management. As part of the LinkedIn Speaker Series, Reid talked a lot about his new book The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age. During the interview, he explained various topics from how the employer-employee relationship is broken to how managers face a new kind of workplace challenge.

Reid went into thorough detail about many HR and Culture related topics such as how the company and employee should add value to each other, building trust, giving employees a ‘tour of duty’, leveraging knowledge, and building a ‘life’ around the company.

Here are some key points:

  • Both company and employee should add value to each other.
  • Build trust and loyalty with honest conversations.
  • Everyone should be on a tour of duty, and there are different kinds of tours.
  • Institutionalise network intelligence.
  • Lifetime employment may be over, but a lifetime relationship can endure.

Watch the full interview here:

Whiteboard Friday From The Moz: The Minimum Table Stakes For SEO


The Whiteboard Friday – Click to Enlarge

You may not realise it, but SEO is really a big thing to deal with.

There are so many misconceptions around SEO, and one of the most popular ones is the belief that people can “boil SEO down” into simpler practices. Sadly, this belief is not true at all. In reality, SEO is a very broad and complex practice that needs to be done in a continuous way. Imagine SEO as a never ending race: if you slowed your speed, someone might overtake your position.

To clarify this misconception, here is a great video of Whiteboard Friday series from The Moz, where Rand Fishkin explains the art and science of SEO and offers invaluable insight into how vast the field really is.

Local SEO: Facts and Statistics (Infographic)


Now, you have realised that local SEO is very important. So what’s the next move?

Search engine optimisation is not all about getting on the first page of every popular search engine in the world. The real goal of SEO is to get your business found by prospects and get sales afterwards. However, among other SEO strategies, local SEO plays the most important part when determining the success of local businesses. If you want to grow your local business, it’s essential to create a solid online presence. Businesses that receive high quality online reviews will get an increase in web traffic.

In the following infographic, you will find some statistics about local SEO and why online reviews are important for you.



BlackBerry Will Launch A Voice-Command Assistant In No Time


BlackBerry is going to release a voice-enabled assistant, just like Siri and Windows Phone’s Cortana.

The company stated that the newest BlackBerry Assistant responds to voice commands but also uses the Passport’s keyboard to respond to typed commands. It will be included with the upcoming BlackBerry Passport and will be able to launch apps, respond to voice commands and control your devices settings.


Although the Canadian-based company hasn’t provided a full breakdown of the app’s functionality, people have already expected that it will be able to launch and control apps, tweak certain device settings like changing notifications settings to “phone calls only” and will be compatible with bluetooth devices. It is also expected that BlackBerry Assistant, like Cortana, will continuously learn from your actions and will get smarter the more you use it.

The voice-command assistant is BlackBerry’s latest strive to follow its competitors after continuously falling revenues and other recent declines. The company previewed its upcoming extra-wide Passport earlier this month, after announcing it would be bringing Amazon’s Appstore to its users in an attempt to close the platform’s app gap.

BlackBerry Assistant will be available on the upcoming BlackBerry Passport, which will be powered by BlackBerry 10.3. However, it’s still unclear whether the feature will be available to other devices or not.

Three Essential Elements to Consider When Building A Customer-Friendly Website

website building

It seems obvious, but really, try to build a website your users WILL love.

In the past, many businesses were uncertain whether they even needed a website or not. They argued that a company website is tertiary for their business. Now, time has changed quickly. With the boom of the Internet and social media, a business isn’t considered ‘trustworthy’, until they have at least one online presence. No matter what you sell, odds are your prospects are going to search for your website to see the detail of the desired product. If you don’t have a website, you will lose at least one potential prospect.

Before, you had an opportunity to make a deal when someone walked into your retail location or via phone. Today, a big portion of the sales process has nothing to do with you actively engaging with the potential buyer. The deal takes place on your website, social media and with the aid of a Google search.

That’s why you must build a website your users will love.

Unfortunately, there are many bad websites out there. They’re badly designed, built for the business’ ego rather than the customer’s need, or simply outdated.

Don’t be one of them. Here are three points to consider when building a customer-friendly website:

1. User Experience

Website appearance is everything for both customers and prospects. When building a website, always keep the user’s perspective all the time. You want them to have a memorable and enjoyable experience when visiting your website. Audience interaction is the key. Give them a quiz, help them find answers / solutions to their questions / problems, or offer them something they might want to share with others.

In short:

  • Let your company’s personality be a part of the site, both in design and voice.
  • Make your website’s navigation as simple and intuitive as you can.
  • Remember the eye flow principle. Give your visitors plenty of white space and eye rest.

2. Don’t Be An Egotist

Briefly talk about your business and spend more space on how you can help your visitors. Everything should be presented from their perspective, not yours. You might need an outside perspective to help you identify what truly matters to your audience.

In short:

  • Don’t overly share. You still need to speak with your customers directly.
  • Start at the elementary level, as not every visitor will already be an expert.
  • Leave them wanting more so they will call you or send an email.
  • Content is king. Keep the content fresh. Stale content does not sell.
  • Cascade your content. Start with a little text and then let them choose to “Read More” if they want it

3. Responsive Design

With the boom of mobile devices, never assume that everyone is using their PC to access the Internet. Check your site’s appearance on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

In short:

  • Pay attention to page placement. Your most important content should be above the fold.
  • Give them more than one way to navigate.
  • Use landing pages to help diverse audiences get where they want to go.

Don’t let bad and mediocre websites discourage your prospects from becoming customers. You need a better website now or you will start losing your customers. Call us today on 1300 911 772 or visit our website to see our other services.