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With more than 15 years of experience, The Website Marketing Group (TWMG) are proudly one of the leading digital agencies in Australia. In this blog we will share some of our findings on how the digital industry has evolved and to help you keep up with the latest news in digital by reading this blog.

TWMG is a full service web development and digital marketing agency. TWMG creates, designs, promotes and maintains web solutions for Australia’s top brands.

As a leader in website development, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, digital strategy, CRM integration and social media marketing TWMG offers services to a range of businesses; from small start-ups to the top 1000 companies across all industry and government sectors in Australia. Since 2001, TWMG have been delivering a strong return on investment (ROI) for its diverse range of Australian clients.

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TWMG is Now An Official Certified Google Partner


The Website Marketing Group is very proud to announce we are now officially recognised as a certified Google Partner.
Becoming a certified Google Partner requires an advanced knowledge and understanding of Google Adwords. This is combined with evidence of high performing campaigns that utilize tools provided by Google Adwords to help maximise ROI. In addition, the certification … Continue reading “TWMG is Now An Official Certified Google Partner”

Delectus Solutions Has Their Website Upgraded By TWMG


A good website functions as the information center for your prospects and customers.
Delectus Solutions is a recruitment agency that offer low cost hiring process for companies across Australia. It has a comprehensive recruitment process which is specially designed to find the right candidate for the position needed and is built to save your company time and … Continue reading “Delectus Solutions Has Their Website Upgraded By TWMG”

5 Wonderful Tips To Keep Your SEO Strategy Simple


In SEO world, with all of its complex algorithms and audience interaction, the “less is more” philosophy works wonderfully.
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is relatively simple in its core concept; provide a better, more relevant experience to your users, and you’ll rank higher in the search engines. However, there’s a lot of depth to the strategies … Continue reading “5 Wonderful Tips To Keep Your SEO Strategy Simple”

“Grocery: Crushed”, A Cool Strategy from GEICO To Trick Skippable Pre-Roll Ads


Almost all of the best pre-roll advertisers in the world has just released their own variation on how to specially customise how their ads appear to the viewers. Of course there are some great improvements and some epic failure as well. However, GEICO starts their pre-roll ads strategy by saying what they are going to do and, in … Continue reading ““Grocery: Crushed”, A Cool Strategy from GEICO To Trick Skippable Pre-Roll Ads”

Why YouTube Matters To Marketing? (Infographic)


While video is on the rise across basically all the major social platforms, YouTube remains the leader in online video.
While Facebook and YouTube are racing for more influence, both of them serve largely alternate purposes. Facebook’s currently aligned to more casual video viewing, where YouTube is a more dedicated consumption experience.
That said, while you look to add … Continue reading “Why YouTube Matters To Marketing? (Infographic)”

13 Great Instagram Tools For Professionals


Instagram is the best social media platform to share personal moments and inspirational experiences. With more than 300 million monthly users, it’s also a perfect place for businesses to develop and post engaging content, monitor posts and campaigns, and analyse their engagement with an expanding audience.
In today’s post, we will share a list of tools … Continue reading “13 Great Instagram Tools For Professionals”

Digital World in 2017: A Global Overview (Infographic)


Are you ready to revamp your digital strategy in 2017?
Social media is an ever-evolving set of skills, best practices, and platforms. The social networking platform companies are continually rolling out new features as they compete for an ever-dwindling commodity—our time. However, if you take a look at social media statistics, you can get an idea … Continue reading “Digital World in 2017: A Global Overview (Infographic)”

Apotek’s “Coughing Billboard” is a Great Example How Innovative A Digital Touch Can Be


When you don’t have enough creative billboard in the world (like this massage billboard), you will create another one.
There are billboards and there is this, Apotek’s Coughing Billboard that detects cigarette smoke within a proximity range of the digital screen, and triggers and interaction, or perhaps more on point, a repulsive cough at the near … Continue reading “Apotek’s “Coughing Billboard” is a Great Example How Innovative A Digital Touch Can Be”

The Three Types of Thought Leadership in LinkedIn (Infographic)


Thought leadership is how more of today’s brands get noticed and gather more influence.
However, there is no single magic bullet for success. Choosing which ingredients go into your content marketing calls for a look at your overall strategy. Taking a high-level overview can help you identify any gaps in your brand’s influence and create the thought leadership you … Continue reading “The Three Types of Thought Leadership in LinkedIn (Infographic)”