“The Slimmer”: A 10 Minutes Google AdWords Workout Infographic (Part 1 of 3)



Every serious online marketers will consider Google AdWords as the “holy grail” of marketing tools.

The fact that it is suitable for advertisers to work with third-party digital agencies and evaluate what a ‘management fee’ has made Google AdWords the perfect tool for simple and direct marketing. Still, those who have not refined their management process and feeling a little bit over committed after noticing a lot of workload looking down at them has learned a great way to maintain multiple campaigns can get tricky.

The following 10 minute AdWords workout infographic can help you to manage your AdWords more wisely. The workouts will be broken down into three parts according to the goals. They are The Slimmer (for those who want to bring their AdWords account back to its peak performance), The Maintainer (for those who want to keep their performance going strong and effective) and The Bulker (for those whose AdWords account is awesome enough and want to reap more traffic and conversions). Choose the one that suits your condition.

In this post we will deal with the first goal, which is:

1. The Slimmer

The Slimmer workout method is suitable for those who want to chomp through the campaign and rolling it back to a more manageable state. It uses “Cut-Your-Losses” approach with a reasonable goal in mind. Take a look at the infographic below for more detailed information.

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Infographic credit: Klientboost and Unbounce.